I created the JamminStation primarily to cater to demo’s for singers, songwriters and small groups in the folk, country, acoustic rock, christian rock, pop rock genres. However, I am anxious to track and mix a span of musical styles and content.

As the saying goes, I understand that musicians and artist often put $5000 worth of gear into a $500 car to drive $100 to a $50 gig. I want to help fuel your passion and your dreams by being affordable.

While I owned and have used ProTools in the past, I prefer Presonus Studio One 3 Pro as my Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) with a large variety of audio plugins as well as virtual instruments. I use a selection of large and small diaphragm mics as well as dynamic mics and tube pre’s to get the clean tracks needed to mix and ultimately master. These are the “brushes” and “techniques” used to bring your song alive to ultimately jump off the canvas of your heart.


Demo Songs : Are you a musician looking to record your song so that you can promote to producers or record labels? or to audition you group? Need to submit an audition recording for a show, a contest, or to join an ensemble? Audition demo’s are quick, easy, and affordable. Get a professional demo on a budget.

Tracking: The actual recording of rhythm and chord instruments as well as vocals. Special attention is payed to setup and mic placement to maximize the sound quality of each track and getting the performance that accurately represents the passion and energy of you, the artist.

Mixing: The art of combining all the individual tracks, setting volume levels, panning placement, adding effects, and setting any automation for volume and stereo panning. Mixing is definitely the most artistic and subjective part of the recording process.

Mastering: Preparing your song for duplication. Having it mixed is not enough. Mastering insures that your music will play back nicely on all speakers and not just in the environment it was mixed in. Mastering puts the final spit and polish on the recording.

Need something else recorded, a voice-over, spoken word, let me know and I can do it!

Your song demo’s can be burned to a CD, posted to the web for digital download, used in fundraisers, and most of all, used to promote your talents and your passion!