Being a musician and songwriter, I know how hard it can be to get good quality demo’s of songs to use to further showcase your creative talents. My focus is creating professional demo’s of your songs that represent you and your craft, even if you are on a limited budget!

Recording studio time is costly and often out of reach to the average musician/songwriter. With today’s technology it’s now possible to get a professional demo on a limited budget.


A little about myself and the JamminStation:

My name is Jan Puterbaugh, and probably much like you, I am a musician and songwriter. I am also a  father, a grandfather, a pastor and I created the JamminStation primarily to be able to create professional demo’s of my songs as well as to be able to help others in their craft.

I view the recording process much like a painter views an empty canvas. When I get started, the goal is to take this vision and thought — and to bring it alive through brush strokes, color, and texture on an audio canvas.

In recording your songs, we start with your vision and then bring it alive with sound, production and the subtle “textures” of equalization, compression, dynamics and stereo width. Much like a painter on canvas……….it is thrilling to see a heartfelt vision come alive and breath as a living testament to your passion and creativity.

I worked hard to create a small space (around 276 sf) that would be warm, inviting and conducive to the creative spirit that we as artist hold deep inside. I wanted a space that passion and the creative spirit could explode, resulting in a tangible canvas of your music that could be shared………a recording.

Hence, the JamminStation is my home. Small, intimate and simply put, “real”. It too is a product of the passion and creativity that God has placed in my heart.